Our 4th annual thought leadership conference brings together a select group of educators, researchers, innovators, practitioners, and policy makers to examine how to best increase access to high quality education in Computer Science, coding and Making, with a particular focus on equity and inclusion.

CrossRoads is an invitation-only conference with a curated invitee list. Nominate one or more experts to join us (including yourself!).

As a CrossRoads invitee, you'll travel to an immersive 75-acre campus in the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California, meet hundreds of like-minded individuals, share new ideas, and enjoy a carefully-curated agenda of keynotes, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and peer-learning opportunities.

Invitations are determined by our curation team, nomination alone does not guarantee an invitation. Attendees would be expected to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.
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Even as we prepare to launch this year's registration, you can visit the web page for CrossRoads 2017 by clicking the button below.
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