If you are a school, library or youth organization looking to expand access to Maker experiences for K-12 students, here’s your chance to win $10,000!

Each winning organization will also receive Maker professional development for two staff members and travel support to attend CrossRoads 2018, Infosys Foundation USA’s annual conference.

Part 1 of 5: Entrant Information

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Part 2 of 5: Organization Information

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Part 3 of 5: How You Plan to Use an Infy Maker Award

Provide a 1-2 sentence summary of how your organization would use an Infy Maker Award. *

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Provide a detailed description (in paragraph format) of how your organization would use an Infy Maker Award. This should also include who the award will benefit and the impact that the award will have. *

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Provide a detailed budget of how the $10,000 would be spent. This does not have to be a completely itemized budget, but should give us an idea of what the funding will go towards. *

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Now that we have an overview of your project proposal, please provide us with a few additional elements to complete your application- a video, letters of support, plans for sustainability and an Instructable.

Upload a video! Please name the file using the format "organization name_infymakers18"

The video should creatively talk about your organization, any current involvement with maker-centered learning and illustrate how you will use an Infy Maker Award and who the award will benefit. The recommended length for the video is 90 seconds. A video longer than 90 seconds may have a negative effect on judging criteria. The video must be in AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, MP4 or M4V format.

If your video is larger than 10 MB,  please upload the file using the Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/inlV2rQOloJxba67X6Qw
Letters of Support

Provide up to 2 support letters from organizations you plan to work with in your local community through the award. A letter of support should describe why and how a partner will be working with your organization and what that partner hopes to achieve. Please upload letters in PDF or DOC file format.
Support Letter #1

Support Letter #2

Sustainability & Community Building

Describe how your organization plans to keep efforts around engaging students in maker-oriented education sustainable moving forward *

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Part 4 of 5: Projects for Students

Submit one project that you've done with students which best captures the maker spirit and can be shared and used by other educators. Create an Instructable for the project on http://www.instructables.com/ and share the link with us.
URL for Project Instructable *

Part 5 of 5: You're almost done! Please share your participation in Infy Maker Awards on social media.

Make sure to tag us on Twitter (@InfyFoundation), Facebook (@InfosysFoundationUSA) and / or Instagram (@infosys_foundation_usa). Use the hashtag #InfyMakers and include links to your posts below. Include links to your awesome video entry!
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Contest Rules Agreement

By checking this box, I,   {{answer_RqXFF4SN7m1S}} {{answer_YE6VEZXS4Cf0}}  , acknowledge that I have read the Contest Rules and agree to abide by them. Based on the Contest Rules, I certify that {{answer_oLWdOD6nxiXg}} is eligible to participate in the Infy Maker Awards. *

Thank you for applying! We'll review your application and get back to you soon.
Infy Maker Awards
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